Martin Spier

Martin SPIER


FlameCommander – Netflix’s Cloud Profiler

Simplifying the software profiling process and improving analysis with better visualizations is key to continuously improving the performance of your systems.

Even under constant load, the behavior of a system is affected by variance, perturbations, single-threaded execution and other time-based issues, and never completely uniform, making the analysis of these small variations a needle-in-a-haystack problem. FlameScope solved this problem by combining a subsecond-offset heatmap, for navigating a profile and visualizing these perturbations, with a flame graph for code-path analysis.
This talk focuses on how FlameScope, the open-source profile visualization tool, evolved into FlameCommander, a full-fledged cloud profiling solution used by thousands of engineers at Netflix.

About Martin

For the past 15 years Martin’s career evolved around Technology and Performance Engineering, leading major initiatives at Netflix, Expedia and other companies. Currently, as a Performance Architect at Netflix, Martin is = responsible for improving the performance of the Netflix service, end-to-end, for its 193+ million users, watching over 140 million hours of movies and TV shows every day. Martin is also an advisor to multiple startups, and an avid open source contributor.