Leandro Melendez



Theory: Cloning dino-automations from living beings from the past

How automation for performance and load testing automation can be done better.

During this talk Leandro will present an idea of a set of steps to create an ecosystem of performance and load testing automations. By matching user activity tracing and logging, together with machine learning, AI and correlations a great mix can be done to create and spawn performance scripts. Gathering pieces of the DNA of each, interconnecting these through modern technology, this solutions proposes some methods on ways to optimize and ease the creation of the very much needed automations for the performance trade. This can provide several advances from analysis of live traffic on the applications, from automatic correlation rules detection, automated generation of test case steps and flows, automated scenario design, and even reverse analysis of present automations stability to automate the maintenance process. Along with many other possibilities. A talk to open your perspectives and make you think on ways to automate, the autmation process.

About Leandro

Leandro is a performance testing manager at QualiTest group and provides testing consulting services. Has served multiple S&P500 customers all over the USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Austria. Author of the popular performance testing blog Señor Performo where he curates a diverse set of learning material for performance testers and engineers. He is the producer and host of the Spanish language version of the PerfBytes podcast and the Señor Performo YouTube channels. Leandro has more than 20 years of experience on the IT business from Developer, DBA, Project Manager and others. The last 10 years he worked on the QA area, specifically on the Performance and Load testing area using tools as LoadRunner, JMeter, NeoLoad, AppDyn, Dynatrace and others.