Joey Hendricks



Performance Testing On The Unit Level

How we can shift left with performance testing by validating performance on the unit level.

During my presentation, I would first introduce the concept of performance testing on the unit level by explaining the requirements and the challenges of implementing this and why testing on this granularity is beneficial. After this, I will move on to introducing how one can solve these challenges, and I will explain how I solved these challenges within the Python programming language by writing an open-source framework that would support performance testing on the unit level from every angle. After touching this, I will dive into the technology by providing a simple demonstration where a change in the code impacts the performance of the entire unit test. By demonstrating that it is possible to automatically catch a slowdown in your code as early as possible, I am showing the whole concept at work. To conclude, I will talk about the pitfalls and importance of context around this entire concept to ensure that people understand that this is not a silver bullet that can solve every problem. But that, it allows you to cut off low hanging fruits before they become a much more prominent and expensive problem. More info:

About Joey

My name is Joey Hendricks. I have been working as a junior performance engineer for two years at Accenture working mainly for prominent Dutch financial institutes for that entire time as an external consultant. Working together with my colleague Stijn Schepers I am learning the ropes of the trade at breakneck speeds. All of these new skills I have learned the past years has inspired me to find innovative ways to make my work easier and more manageable so that I can focus on the important stuff like… sipping coffee of course. More info: