Joerek Van Gaalen



Extreme performance testing

Best practices on setting up, running and analysing performance tests with 100,000 to millions of concurrent virtual users.

I’ve been involved in many extreme performance tests, for streaming services up to 200 Gbps network usage to 2,000,000 concurrent virtual users. During this talk I’ll discuss how you can tackle many challenges to be able to run a solid test and not being the bottleneck yourself. Challenges such as using a large farm of load generators, how to deal with DNS load balancing, extreme large test data sets, tuning your script/scenarios, etc..

About Joerek:

Joerek van Gaalen is specialist in performance testing since 2005 and with many very large scaled (web)applications. He worked as CTO Performance and has his own performance testing organisation since 2018. In that role as specialist he seeks new techniques and methods related to performance testing in the all changing environment of IT.