Hemelatha Murugesan



Performance – What Next post Pandemic

Over the last 7-8 months, everyone’s life has completely changed including our very own outlook towards business, risks, consumption of services, purchase power, networking, and above all view on life and health. With pandemic continuing amidst lot of uncertainty on the vaccines, IT – more specifically Digitalization and its adoption is expected to undergo significant changes with everyone embracing it. The topic will cover briefly the shift in business and client needs, change in operations/delivery models, etc. and how a performance tester would need to adapt to these changes including skills that is a must.

About Hemalatha

Hemalatha Murugesan has over 24+ years of experience and in her last role she was heading the NextGen Reliability, Resiliency, Performance Testing and Engineering practice globally at Infosys. She has been a strategist, entrepreneur, mentor and was instrumental in setting up over 14+ Next Gen QA & Engineering testing services such as Performance testing and engineering, Covid PT, Reliability, Resiliency, Infrastructure testing, TDM, TEMS, Service virtualization, Cloud, Security testing, etc., at Infosys. She closely works with various Fortune 500 clients and understands their needs evolving solutions to meet the client’s needs. She has presented in various leading international testing conferences as well as co-authored books.