Helen Bally

Sub-second response time in Warehouse Management

How a major manufacturing & distribution company achieved their goal of sub-second response time for warehouse operators

In this session, we present a global manufacturing and distribution company implementing a new warehouse management system (SAP EWM). Their goal was to ensure that all warehouse operator functions such as putaway and picking would have sub-second response times.

In performance testing, we are often called on to test multiple concurrent users. In this case the focus was on a single user and micro-analysing every click they would make in real-world conditions.

There are a number of challenges to testing in warehouse management which are unique. The state of the warehouse (e.g. how full it is) has a direct impact on performance: putaway in an empty warehouse will go a lot faster than a full warehouse with a rich variety of products.

This session will present how we developed an innovative approach to SAP EWM performance testing by isolating the test environment; development of virtualised services using SAP RFC technology; automated test scripts that took traces to analyse root cause performance at code level. Using our repeatable test framework we were able to prove that performance was improved


About Helen

Helen started her IT career as the first SAP trainee for Price Waterhouse in London. SAP implementations took her to Ireland, Houston and Brussels where she led global SAP technology projects in the Oil and Gas industry. Arriving in Switzerland in 2003 she joined Itecor and engaged with the world of testing. Today she leads the Itecor Enterprise Testing practice and has helped numerous Swiss and International companies with test strategy, test automation and performance testing. She has a love of complex technical projects where she can drive results by bringing together technology, people and processes.



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