Srivalli Aparna

Gopalkrishnan YADAV


Azure Multiple Pipeline Performance Monitor

The framework to monitor the Pipeline Performance using Azure

A good performance is key mantra for success for any projects. With growing number of data , Industry is experiencing challenge to assess the performance of application. For any thin, thick client application lot of performance testing tools like LoadRunner, JMeter, Neoload is available in market. We know that now a days Devops model is followed across the industry to bring the operation and development team together . With this said, if somebody want to assess the performance of their pipeline jobs, then that become a challenge.

By simply measuring the Total time taken KPI, team would not be able to come to conclusion about the performance degradation of jobs. As the data grows every day, the number of data processed by each batches, jobs, pipeline the performance risk grows. Here, in this whitepaper we will explain about the approaches, techniques that could be applied to monitor the performance of Pipeline jobs in Microsoft Azure.

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Overall 14 years Experience in Software Testing. Managing the Center of Excellence for Performance Testing Sogeti Offshore. Expert in Performance Testing & Engineering and having work Experience on Various tools like Neoload, Loadrunner, Jmeter etc.Certified Neoload & LoadRunner. He is Post graduate MCA.