Cristian Valdebenito Espinosa
Oscar Morales



How possible it is to make an automatic or semi-automatic update to our performance scripts?

Build and update performance scripts continuous and automatic, now is possible, only is necessary take a functional script from selenium, for rebuilt and have a new operational version of the script.

In a continuous testing model, the first thing you want is to deploy the automatic executions, however, many forget a factor that is as important as it is critical, having to invest and spend time on updates, refactoring and maintenance of the performance scripts, this is necessary to support a continuous execution in a long time. The possibility of having a semi-automatic and automatic process to create and update performance scripts allows and facilitates the deployment of a continuous performance testing (CPT) as full model, it also increases coverage, autonomy of performance tests and enables team collaboration.
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About Oscar and Cristian

Oscar Morales, systems engineer and Performance architect and Cristian Valdebenito, master in technologies, information and communication and leader of the performance testing team, both members of Chouciar Testing SA, a Colombian software engineering company with 20 years of experience in the software testing market and has a dedicated team of performance testing experts.