Bruno Da Silva

Bruno Da Silva

Continuous Performance Innovative Approach

Setting up your continuous performance testing environment and how to use it

At some point, IT Performance was not the priority until performance failure was detected.
Obviously, addressing performance is a must but should always be put in perspective with the risks you need to mitigate.
Nowadays, IT Performance in a DevOps context is seen as a must-have but it is unclear how profitable this strategy is, especially when starting from scratch.

By following performance governance best practices, the demo introduces an innovative approach on continuous performance.
This all integrated and monitored load testing environment is composed of:
– Industrialization of CI / CD with Jenkins pipelines (Blue Ocean, Git, SonarQube, Nexus).
– Containerized architecture with Openshift.
– Monitoring using Dynatrace.
– Performance testing using Neoload.

The goal is to take advantage of every tool capabilities (plug-ins, APIs, and artificial intelligence) in order to speed up your performance validation process.
The presentation highlights as well the tasks to be performed when a new release is available.


About Bruno

After IT studies at the UTC in Compi├Ęgne (France), Bruno Da Silva joins Leanovia for an epic journey. Passionated about IT performance, he works as a consultant to address challenging customers issues. In less than a year, he obtains Neoload and Dynatrace certifications in order to work with state-of-the-art technologies regarding load testing and monitoring. The adventure of becoming a Performance Ninja Warrior is just beginning.

He also loves chocolate, video games and skiing ; not necessarily in that order.

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