Bruno Audoux

Bruno Audoux

Connecting Cars to the Net, IOTs on the Roads

If automakers are investing so much to develop IoT in the cars, it’s not only to find your car when it’s stolen: they aim do a lot more with it.

Opening a connection on a car can offer many new service options, be it for the user, builder or even the automotive repair shops. Meanwhile, new protocols, algorithms, and IOTs technologies continue to emerge in today’s open, security conscious world. A bunch of new protocols, algorithms and IOTs technologies are emerging, in an open but secure world.

During my presentation, I will demonstrate how the chassis manufacturers face computerization of their products, especially how they manage to integrate all the components which constitute them. Let’s find out together how we connect a fleet!

About Bruno

Born and bread with computer since I learn to bicycle, I started to code and compile my program when I was less than 10.
I studied fluid mechanic and building architecture, but I directly went to work in fluid data and computer architecture @ Control Data France.

Starting Bench in 2002 for the French taxes web services I decided to work only on architecture and benchmark.

I moved to a first benchmark specialist company in 2010, then I created Aerow Performance to be a Technical manager.
Now I’ve got 15 Ninja, Samurai and Ninja Bencher specialists ready to bench night and days @ WAPSI.