Arjan van den Berg


Productive way of load test Development – “for any system , using any tool”

Generic approach to develop reliable loadscript(s) and scenario(s)

– Describe in general (modern) web UI / client server architecture(s)
– Explain “scripting patterns”/ generic approach to create (HTTP) web​ based script for any system.(best practices contains a lot of knowledge gathered during my 10 year+ experience )
– Explain how to validate a load script thoroughly.
– Explain load script/scenario configuration best practices.

About Arjan

Senior Test Automation Expert with more than 10 years experience in test automation, especially within the performance testing area. Hands-on experience with performance test simulations, analysis, tuning and monitoring. Design and implementation of fully-automated regression load tests with almost any (performance) test automation tool. Interested in (performance) test automation for any kind of system e.g. web services, web GUI, Oracle Forms, using any tool. Practical experience in Agile and traditional software development methods. Identification of potential performance risks on all levels. Design, development and execution of performance load tests for each identified performance risk.