Antoine Toulme

Blockchain testing

The unique challenges of blockchain testing

This presentation will cover the more challenging aspects of testing decentralized distributed systems. We will describe the internals of blockchain systems and how they can be tested to ensure they are able to form consensus. We will discuss the main tools available to the Whiteblock platform to recreate real world scenarios. Beyond pure networking issues, we will discuss the bizantine nature of these systems and how blockchains present new attack vectors from a networking and consensus perspectives.We will show a few examples of such attacks as they occurred, and how these can be prevented.

About Antoine

Antoine is the CTO of Whiteblock, hailing from Silicon Valley, where he spent over 10 years leading large multinational teams to scale enterprise cloud and IoT projects.

He is an expert on open source, working with the Eclipse Foundation and joining the membership of the Apache Software Foundation.
In a prior life Antoine worked on enterprise projects specializing in business process modeling and execution. He was formerly employed by the Machine Consultancy, ConsenSys, Acer and Intalio.