Ankur Jain

Ankur JAIN


How to measure UI element/page load time in production without using APM tools

Measuring end-user experience including Page load time in production without using expensive APM tools.

The main challenges today that most of us are facing regarding end user experience are a way of getting real user metrics from our production environment without using expensive APM tools. This becomes an actual problem to solve as we don’t have a way to simulate all the scenarios in which end user can access our application.
The solution should be cost effective as well as it should not incur any processing overhead at client side/browser.
This is achieved by adding a simple performance.mark() into our code during webpage development phase and writing a simple JS to retrieve all the information from the client browser something similar to what google analytics does.
The option was always there but somehow we all never implemented into our coding ethics.
With this presentation, I would like to reiterate that simple solution can be ground shaking as well.

About Ankur:

Ankur has a degree in information technology and a total of 5+ years of experience in performance testing and engineering. He has an extensive experience in tuning client side/UI performance of web pages. Currently he is working on storage and backup domain for a SAAS(aws) based company, taking care of backup performance, capacity planning, python/GO code level performance bottleneck identification and tuning.