Shifting left performance testing

Discovering responsiveness defects within minutes: a realistic approach

The fallacy of non-functional testing, such as performance, accessibility, and security testing, is that it is believed to be impossible to move into the sprint. The reality is that parts of performance testing can be shifted left and automated such that responsiveness defects can be highlighted within minutes of code commit, independent of the platform. In this session, we will discuss the concept and demonstrate it on a mobile device.

About Amir

Amir Rozenberg is the director of product management, responsible for core product strategy, at Perfecto, the leading digital cloud, and test automation company. Amir has pioneered mobile quality practices in Perfecto to extend across the application lifecycle. Amir has extensive experience in the digital industry with expertise in areas including application development, testing, delivery, and monitoring. Amir led successful synergies with Microsoft, Neotys, HP, and others to optimize value delivery to our customers. He also founded Adva Mobile, a direct-to-fan mobile marketing startup.