Continuous Performance Engineering: Automating Feedback from Ops to Dev and Test

How we automated scenario design and test execution based on production volumes.

The dinosaurs died out because they couldn’t adapt to the changing “Prod” situation. Our performance tests will do the same if we don’t work to keep them relevant!
When we are running tests automatically in Continuous Performance mode (whether after every build, daily or perhaps less frequently) it can be useful if we can quickly change the test scenario to reflect real world situations, or even have it automatically update to model recent volumes.
At Altersis we have addressed this in various ways. In this session I will demonstrate a framework we created to achieve this, and discuss what we learned along the way.

About Alan

Alan Gordon has been working in the software performance field since 1997, specialising in performance testing, engineering and APM solutions. Alan is a certified expert in various performance test and APM tools, has authored a performance testing methodology, and has created and delivered multiple performance testing training courses over the years. Alan specialises in software performance in the banking and financial services sector. Altersis Performance is a leading specialist provider of performance solutions, based in France and Switzerland.