Implementing time boxed performance testing in DevOps environment

When the project does not have a budget for performance testing, how to implement shift left/right and provide value within sprints.

Performance testing is still very waterfall when it comes to releasing the product or service. In New Zealand, having worked in multiple government organizations, almost all have started their digital transformation journey but when it comes to performance testing, four weeks is what we get. In this kind of set-up, how do performance testing fit into the sprint? What value can you provide from day one? In this session, I would like to share how to incorporate shift left/right and continuous performance testing in a DevOps model.

About Abhi

Abhishek Bandopadhyay is currently living in Auckland, New-Zealand. From the past ten years, he has been involved with multiple projects associated with performance testing/engineering in multiple geographies which includes India and New Zealand. He will also be one of the speakers at the Software Testing Symposium – Auckland 2019.