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R. do Mar Vermelho nº 2 Fracção 2.3, 1990-152 Lisboa, Portugal

About them

Xray is the leading Quality Assurance and Test Management app for Jira. Improve the quality of your systems through effective and efficient testing that runs through the entire software development lifecycle. Xray supports both manual and automated tests and provides powerful reports to ensure full requirements coverage. More than 4.5 million testers, developers and QA managers trust Xray to manage 100+ million test cases each month. Xray is a mission-critical tool at over 5,000 companies in 70+ countries, including 137 of the Global 500.

The Xray & NeoLoad integration

The integration between NeoLoad and Xray synchronizes every individual performance test into Jira. This integration provides the ability to track performance and load testing results in Xray, thus making it the single source of truth for tracking different testing efforts.

Each performance test is reported into a test plan. The integration automatically creates the test case and test requirements if they do not already exist in Jira. The integration also automatically synchronizes any test executed through:

  • NeoLoad GUI
  • NeoLoad Web UI
  • Any automated pipeline featuring a NeoLoad test