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About them

Terraprova’s Performance Engineering Lifecycle©  provides trusted expertise and tools for enterprise applications.  An investment in our services and tools will allow your business to:

  •     Maximize ROI on IT infrastructure – benefit from tuned and/or re-engineered applications that can lead to more throughput on existing systems
  •     Mitigate deployment risk –  have confidence that systems and applications will work and scale to Service Level Agreements, prior to deployment
  •     Derive true cost of ownership –  understand at a platform and component level the configurations required to support your business goals

Terraprova’s solution

Terraprova’s solution to ensuring high performing business applications is The Performance Engineering Lifecycle©. Our methodology and tools can be applied throughout the system lifecycle, either as an end to end solution, or as a service applied at specific points in the lifecycle.

Full Lifecycle Performance Engineering – this end to end solution builds in performance and availability requirements from the architecture stage, through design, development, and testing.  Architectural tradeoffs and their impact on performance, 3rd party product behavior, service level agreements, code profiling, and performance test planning and execution, will be an intrinsic part of the lifecycle.

Benchmarking and Evaluation – ensure that product selection and component integration meet the requirements and the business’s Service Level Agreements prior to final design and development stages of the project. Early validation of your product selection can prevent unnecessary delays and unexpected expenditures that can be incurred later in the lifecycle.

Pre-deployment Testing – prior to deployment, this final stage of production readiness assures your business that all components function properly and are tuned to meet the application’s growth and scaling requirements.  You can move the application to production with confidence that it will meet your business needs.

Deployment Rescue – when applications and systems fail during rollout, time and revenue become even more critical factors; we can provide a systematic approach to identifying and resolving production problems and stabilizing your systems.

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