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About them

Techni-Dynamics (also known as Techni-Arts) is headquartered out ofbeautiful Southwest Missouri – where the air is clean and the streams are pure. A setting only natural for our company considering the purity, clarity and quality of the software we deliver.

Southwest Missouri not only boasts of wonderful natural resources, the cost of living is considerably less than in other areas. This allows us to provide our partners with substantially lower rates than our competitors.

We are in close proximity of several acclaimed universities. These universities produce intelligent, dynamic professionals. Many of which have a desire to remain in the area after graduation, while pursuing a career in the technology field. We, being one of the few technology companies in our area, offer these individuals a solid career close to home. Ultimately allowing them to achieve their goals and dreams.

The dedication of our staff has allowed us to maintain a very low turnover rate. With that low turnover rate comes an extremely high level group-knowledge. Something most companies strive for, but are often not able to attain.