Soflab Technology

Certified Service Partner

About them

Soflab Technology is the leading, independent Polish testing provider, which has been three times ranked on the British ‘TEST Magazine’ list of 20 best testing services companies in the World. We are known for supporting our clients in ensuring the reliability of implemented software and maintaining business continuity. Since 2008 we had been completing over 5,000 projects on international markets for companies from various industries. Soflab Technology with a 270 highly qualified specialists runs three offices in Poland: in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Katowice.

How Soflab uses NeoLoad

With the help of Neoload Soflab Technology is conducting broadly defined performance tests, both GUI as well as API. Depending on needs, we use the built-in Neoload’s monitoring system of individual system components or use data provided by dedicated monitoring systems (including integration of Neoload with tools for Application Performance Management). Based on test results and data obtained from system monitoring, we conduct an analysis based on which we develop conclusions and recommendations in the field of performance of the tested system.

The distinguishing characteristics of Performance Testing services with a usage of Neotys Neoload provided by Soflab Technology (appreciated with references from one of the largest media group in Poland) includes very large volumes (over 250 000 VU) of accurately simulated real users behaviour and high expertise in testing of VoD services provided to clients through channels: WEB, mobile and Smart TV.