Certified Service Partner

About them

We have chosen to put people at the heart of our approach to provide our customers with quality service and contribute to their own value creation.

This approach is based on our overall listening, our commitment over time and our ability to innovate.

We want to develop a community of committed men and women, to conquer customers and build innovative IT solutions for their project.

Our values ​​are authenticity, commitment, respect, solidarity, pleasure and pride. They are the foundation of our Human Resources policy and are supported by all employees in our clients’ projects.

We continue our development at the national level on our 3 business lines, management software publishing, consulting and integration, and outsourcing.

We have acquired in our target markets expertise and know-how that enable us to achieve the most beautiful projects; it is in terms of added value that we are approaching our markets. Our comprehensive offer enables us to address the needs of the functional and operational departments of the Intermediate Size Establishments (ETI). Sigma is positioned as the IT partner able to support them in their long-term development.