Quality First Software GmbH (QFS)

Technology Partner

  Bürgermeister-Graf-Ring 10, DE-82538 Geretsried, Germany

About them

QFS is a German tool manufacturer located south of Munich and focuses on quality assurance. With the product QF-Test, QFS has been firmly established in the market since 2001. More than 1,400 customers in more than 60 countries trust QF-Test, distributed across all industries and business sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to HP, Audi, EADS and academic and public institutions. They particularly value the easy accessibility of the product for testers and developers, the stability and flexibility of the product, the fast, competent support and the individual and anticipated service.

How QFS uses NeoLoad

Web load tests from end user’s view, is the advantage of the tool combination of QF-Test and NeoLoad. While QF-Test’s focus is the web graphical user interface, NeoLoad handles with the backend systems and network level. Formerly it was difficult to use GUI tests as base for load tests, stress tests or performance tests. In the web area such tests are executed on network protocol level this means without image display within the browser. With NeoLoad web load tests on GUI base are possible and several QFS customers take advantage of the benefits of both tools already. Beside the perfect tool combination for web load testing: since 2005 Neotys is also customer of QFS 🙂

QFS’s offering

QF-Test is a professional tool for the test automation of applications with Java, Web and Windows GUIs (Graphical user interfaces). Launched for Java Swing surfaces, the range of functions has evolved continuously. QF-Test now includes the support of Eclipse / SWT / RCP applications and the cross-browser web testing including Selenium WebDriver integration and CDP connection mode, as well as JavaFX and Windows applications like Win 32, .Net, WPF, Windows Forms, UWP and C++ apps. QF-Test runs under Windows, Unix and macOS. Load testing with QF-Test for Java beyond web is also possible (load generated via JMeter e.g.). QFS offers various licensing models and all QF-Test licenses are floating.