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About them

QATestLab is an independent provider of QA and testing services. We assist in improving the quality of our customers’ products and solutions by performing a wide range of software testing types. We provide a fresh review of the product quality and ensure an objective checking of the whole solution from totally different, untypical perspectives in order to detect as many failures as possible. Possessing a large “park” of devices and operating a large number of testing tools, we are ready for a quick start. Near 30% of all projects start within a day.

How QATestLab uses NeoLoad

As an independent software QA and testing company, QATestLab uses NeoLoad for performance and load testing projects for its clients.

QATestLab’s solution

Our mission is to provide our customers with distinctive, lasting, and effective improvements to release to the market great products that attract, excite, and retain users and potential business partners. We are called to never stop improving both software quality and our own competence. We are reimagine QA and testing to build more fulfilling and lasting quality.

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