G. Muth Partners GmbH

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About them

IT solutions should and must advance companies. Orientation to the needs and requirements of companies is becoming increasingly important. G. Muth Partners GmbH is an IT consulting firm based in Wiesbaden since 1996. Originally founded as a German branch of a Swiss company, G. Muth Partners GmbH now serves the entire German-speaking market. The core competence of our consulting activities lies in the areas of individual software solutions and quality assurance.

How Muth Partners uses NeoLoad

Load and performance testing is a service that is increasingly in demand by our customers. As the topic is new to many customers, they rely on the experience of our consultants. We use NeoLoad in projects in which we consider it suitable and the customer leaves us the choice of the test tool. In addition, we look after customers who use NeoLoad and who resolve capacity bottlenecks with the help of our consultants.

Muth Partners’ offering

One of our consultants has dealt extensively with the topic of how to improve the performance of current web applications, e.g. Use asynchronous protocols, better measure. The findings led to an integration that allows NeoLoad to be used with QF-Test. In this way, more accurate statements about performance can be made that match what the user experiences.