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About Mindtree

Mindtree [NSE: MINDTREE] is a billion dollar global technology enterprise, focused on delivering excellence in complex digital environment, with relentless dedication in IT consulting and services. “Born Digital” in 1999, Mindtree works with Fortune2000 companies to help them achieve business agility, competitive edge, and growth. With AI-first consulting approach, we have conceptualized “Digital Next” offerings that enable our clients to experience transformation, leverage connected operations and reimagine IT infrastructure with core modernization. Mindtree is regarded among the best places to work.

How Mindtree uses NeoLoad

Mindtree leverages NeoLoad across multiple projects involving complex performance testing requirements on web, web services and SAP technologies to enable early performance testing by integrating to the CI/CD pipelines. Mindtree has demonstrated capabilities of NeoLoad over other commercial tools and has successfully transitioned various projects to NeoLoad. Mindtree has created built various frameworks leveraging the core functionality of NeoLoad to support dynamic load test infrastructure provisioning using Kubernetes, Integration with monitoring tools etc.

Mindtree Offerings with Neoload Integration

Mindtree has the following offering in which we have incorporated NeoLoad as the Performance Engineering tool

  • Continuous Performance Engineering (CPE): Mindtree solution that pushes Performance Engineering into DevOps, by building out progressive performance tests starting at the component level and incrementally creating end-to-end scenarios using NeoLoad performance tests.
  • Trend Analysis Tool: Mindtree solution that proactively identifies application performance decay and the root causes, so that corrective action can be taken before destructive failure.

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