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About Metsi Technologies

Metsi is a global software integrator that designs and delivers complex application, cloud, and networking solutions. Our team of highly specialized engineers build the foundation for rapid, scalable multi-cloud deployments. We have the privilege of serving over 100 large enterprise customers worldwide, in Finance, Telecommunications, Transportation, Government, Healthcare, Managed Service Providers & Systems Integrators. We are a trusted advisor in IT, cloud, and digital transformation services; and a worldwide Cisco integrator partner.

How do they use NeoLoad?

“NeoLoad is one of our preferred performance testing platforms for our global APM (Application Performance Management) services practice. NeoLoad enables us to automate load test execution with continuous integration in order for customers to “shift left.” We use NeoLoad to enable our customers to deliver efficiency, automation, and customer-centricity, allowing them to create new revenue sources and increase market share.” – Rachael Babcock, Chief Executive Officer, Americas

The solution

We offer engineering services for performance testing, performance tuning, and performance validation; and integration with Cisco AppDynamics.

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