Technology Partner

  Via Copernico, 38 – 20125 Milan, Italy

About them

Lightstreamer is a real-time messaging server optimized for the Internet. Blending WebSockets, HTTP, and push notifications, it streams data to/from mobile, browser-based, desktop, and IoT applications.

How Lightstreamer uses NeoLoad

NeoLoad can be used to perform load test on real-time applications based on Lightstreamer. This way, a single testing facility can be used for both HTTP request/response interactions and asynchronous WebSocket interactions.

Lightstreamer’s offering

Chosen by organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, Lightstreamer satisfies the key requirements of mission-critical systems, such as high scalability, low bandwidth consumption, smart firewall traversal, and adaptive throttling. Its total reliability is demonstrated by a rock-solid track record.