Certified Service Partner

About them

Itecor offers high value services for the governance and implementation of IT systems. Our clients rely on our high-quality expertise to align their IT Systems with the strategic and operational needs of their business.

How Itecor uses NeoLoad

We help our clients understand performance bottlenecks and performance under load using Neoload technology. Typically our customers are either interested in acquiring Neoload as part of their testing tools suite or they are interested in understanding performance of a particular application. In the first case, we can help install Neoload and train the team as well as accompany them on their performance tests. In the second we can run the performance tests for the customer.

Itecor’s offering

Itecor has a team of certified Neoload professionals who are all experienced performance test engineers. We help our customers with Neoload tool installation and training. We manage performance test campaigns on web and SAP technology, deep-diving into performance problems to help our clients achieve their performance objectives.