Certified Technology Partner

About them

Dynatrace provides Zero Configuration AI-powered FullStack Monitoring. It integrates into your DevOps Delivery Pipeline and enables Shift-Left, Automated Root Cause Analysis, Shift-Right and Self-Healing.

How Dynatrace uses NeoLoad

Dynatrace integrates with NeoLoad by automatically providing deep dive application, code and FullStack level information while executing your performance tests. Thanks to the AI-powered Root Cause users immediately know why their applications, micro services or serverless functions don’t perform as expected!

Since NeoLoad 7.5, NeoLoad’s integration with Dynatrace is native to NeoLoad. The two products share test results data which is viewable from either the NeoLoad or the Dynatrace user interface. Having the data in one view speeds test analysis and root cause analysis.


In 2018, Dynatrace awarded Neotys with the Solution Innovation Award.
In 2019, during Dynatrace Perform Barcelona, ​​Neotys was awarded the Technology Alliance Partner by Dynatrace.

Dynatrace’s offering

Key features of Dynatrace are: OneAgent, PurePath & SmartScape technology that feeds data into the Dynatrace AI Engine. All accessible through the web interface or fully automated through the REST API.