Digital Assured

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About them

Help companies grow and take advantage of technology innovation. We help them navigate a path through disruption by determining what change programme investments to make, and assure that the planned benefits are realised.

How Digital Assured uses NeoLoad

Neotys is part of our core service offering for load testing across the DevOps pipeline (cloud / on-prem / CICD) combined with Perfecto for Mobile devices and Dynatrace for APM.

• Performance Test Harness Creation and Testing

• Performance Test Script Creation

• Performance Test Scenario Creation

• Environment Stubs Creation

• Environment Test Data Creation

• Transaction Test Data Creation

• Performance Test Monitoring Collation Design

• Performance Test Results Design

Digital Assured’s offering

Testing, Quality, Assurance (TQA) services

• Performance Engineering

• Smart Automation

• Protect Security

• Agile & Lean

• DevOps / WinOps

Digital Assurance, Delivery and Governance

• Digital Maturity Model Assessment

• Digital Readiness State Workshops

• Digital Maturity Scale (Ready, Capable & Enabled)

• Digital Risk Assessment & Healthchecks

• Digital Strategy & Governance Support

• Digital Assurance Management

• Digital Continuous Quality (DevOps, Shift Left / Right)

• Digital Delivery Modes

• Digital Value Chain Mapping

• Digital Radar Point of Views