Technology Partner

  Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

About them

Bitbar delivers a software-defined infrastructure with unlimited scalability for mobile DevOps teams to get a deep understanding on the quality of mobile projects, increase productivity and impact mobile business outcomes. We help Global 2000 companies adopt DevOps practices to accelerate mobile app development lifecycle and achieve automation throughout the pipeline in every phase of their build-test-deploy-monitor process. Our Enterprise solutions either On-Premise or Private Cloud, bring value to agile CI/CD methodologies with a unique and dedicated environment that serve mobile teams with various flavors at scale.

How Bitbar uses NeoLoad

NeoLoad provides a Selenium wrapper made to convert Selenium scripts into NeoLoad and measure user exeperience from a Selenium script. With the advanced support of both Client-Side Appium and Server-Side Appium at Bitbar Testing, mobile teams can run the same Selenium/Appium script on the real devices hosted by Bitbar Testing, at the same time your load tests are under execution on NeoLoad. The integration between NeoLoad and Bitbar Testing helps every agile teams to tackle the challenges in app performance testing and real user experience measurement with less time and efforts.

Bitbar’s offering

In addition to test automation, Bitbar provides mobile build and mobile synthetic monitoring service to help you get visibility into the entire pipeline. Within dedicated build environments for Bitbar Build, you can create builds as fast as you were working locally. By continuously testing new code and changes at Bitbar Testing, your new app versions are ready to be deployed and released at any given time. To get the true DevOps culture, your Ops teams can directly use the production version with functional test scripts from Dev team on Bitbar Monitoring and proactively monitor app performance under various mobile network carriers around the globe.