Arjan Van Den Berg

Indepent professional

About him

Senior Test Automation Expert with more than 10 years experience in test automation, especially within the performance testing area. Hands-on experience with performance test simulations, analysis, tuning and monitoring. Design and implementation of fully-automated regression load tests with almost any (performance) test automation tool. Interested in (performance) test automation for any kind of system e.g. web services, web GUI, Oracle Forms, using any tool. Practical experience in Agile and traditional software development methods. Identification of potential performance risks on all levels. Design, development and execution of performance load tests for each identified performance risk.

I have been working in Agile teams for the last 3 years. This consists of collaborating and sharing automated (load) test results with developers, architects, technical application managers and all other stakeholders. The final goal is to share results quickly to help them understand which errors have occurred and what needs to be fixed. Experience also with integrating automated (load) test solutions with continuous integration servers, so that test can be triggered on each and every build. Last but not least, always providing easily understandable test reports that can be understood by anyone.

I am result-driven and I have a pragmatic and flexible attitude. Colleagues describe me as accurate, creative, getting things done, result-orientated, honest and reliable.

How Arjan uses NeoLoad

More then 5 years experience with NEOLOAD. Used within several (complex projects) Also implemented within agile / dev-ops teams to run continuous performance tests

Arjan’s offering

I provide independent consultancy (and engineering) on all aspects of performance testing in Agile/DevOps – Teams. Specialties: effective automated performance testing for any system, using any tool. (Loadrunner, Neoload and Silkperformer). Also more then 4 years experience with functional test automation (QTP, HP Business Components, UFT and Selenium).

Experience in several aspects within the performance testing area, including:

•Gathering performance requirements •Creating performance test plan

•Using cases/click paths, model production usage patterns

•Load models, designing tests with proper random test data

•Developing/writing robust performance scripts

•End-user error detection in case of failure

•Code load test scripts with reusable components to reduce script maintenance

•Monitoring all application layers during test

•Continuous integration – running performance tests during sprints

•User story test within sprints

•Root cause performance analysis: application code, memory, database, query, network, firewall, Java script, etc.