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About Applitools & NeoLoad

NeoLoad is the most automated performance testing platform for enterprise organizations continuously testing from APIs to applications. Combining NeoLoad and Applitools, Performance Testers can track how web pages come up and detect User-Experience potential deterioration under realistic load.

They are able to create test scenarios and automate high-value transactions using Applitool’s vast array of test automation methods and frameworks. They then select real devices needed for testing applications, configuring NeoLoad to create virtual users with specific device profiles, for example when many users are looking to access applications simultaneously.
Mobile app testers can use NeoLoad to test with millions of virtual users across different mobile signal strengths, network constraints, etc. With the help of its Cloud platform, the tester will be able to generate load from 70+ on-demand locations from 7 different cloud providers with NeoLoad.

In other words, the Performance Testers can run test regression under load, i.e. inject load and run from time to time Selenium scripts that will trigger Applitools for error detection via its image recognition capability.