BOSTON, MA – January 8, 2019 – Neotys is proud to announce that it has been named to CIOReview’s 10 Most Promising Software Testing Solution Providers list for 2018.

“It’s with gratification and appreciation that we accept CIOReview’s endorsement as a “cutting-edge” solution,” said Thibaud Bussière, President, Co-founder of Neotys.

CIOReview’s perspective, which is something we’ve been seeing with our customers and prospects alike for a while now, is that Agile and DevOps continue to drive organizations to move their software testing earlier. Moreover, advocating how toolchain integration and automation are critical industry enablers.

The article goes on to push the notion that over the next ten years we’ll continue to see more Open source tool employment as well as microservice testing to specifically address process acceleration. Again, something we’re preaching to our users as it relates to the landscape’s future.

For more on Neotys and Bussière, see the full CIOReview article.


About Neotys:
Neotys is a leading innovator in load testing & performance testing for Web and Mobile applications. It has nearly 15 years of development investment into NeoLoad – the performance testing platform designed to accelerate Agile and DevOps processes. Built by engineers who recognized that to achieve their Agile adoption objective, they needed to create a product that could facilitate superior load and performance testing continuously. The result – faster test creation and maintenance with NeoLoad. For more information about Neotys or NeoLoad, visit: or contact