Gemenos, France – May 29, 2019 – Neotys Receives the 2019 Technology Alliance Award from Dynatrace

This year at Perform Barcelona, Dynatrace awarded Neotys with the Technology Alliance award. The honor represents Neotys’ strong technological partnership. As Michael Allen, VP, Worldwide Partners affirms, “Huge congratulations to Neotys, who have collaborated with Dynatrace to redefine continuous performance engineering in traditional, hybrid and cloud-native environments. The integration provides automated self-service performance feedback in either Neoload or the Dynatrace UI allowing everyone to become a Performance Expert. Neotys is also the initial contributor to keptn to redefine continuous deployment and autonomous operations for
cloud native environments. Very exciting times ahead!

According to Neotys’ Laurent Gaudy, VP, Partners & Alliances, “We’ve always sought to deliver the best solutions to our clients. Between Neotys and Dynatrace, we have helped various organizations with the testing of their applications, and at early stages – soon enough into the process, thereby enabling program adjustment resulting in time and money savings. This is the main reason why the combined solution has been the market offering available… The award is a great recognition of our shared hard work focused on the development of a unique, industry-leading solution.

Receiving Dynatrace’s award helps close out an already perfect event that continues to provide various customers’ testimonials and new technological developments for all who participate. We thank Dynatrace for this recognition and look forward to continued success together.