NeoLoad 7.9 includes automatic license lease management, greater real-time reporting collaboration capabilities, simplified Dynatrace integration configuration, export of test results data in structured format from the Python CLI and more.

What’s New in this Release?

  • Automatic license leasing at runtime: NeoLoad automatically leases your license at the beginning of each test, simplifying the execution of everyday use cases.
  • Real-time reporting collaboration: Share a dynamic link to any report so anyone can review the most up-to-date results. Plus, now access, sort and filter all your dashboards from a single page.
  • Dynatrace integration enhancements: Configuring and validating the initial Dynatrace integration is now easier, also with enhanced security features.
  • Python CLI improvements: Export test result data in structured format for easy filtering, manipulation and import into other systems and processes.
  • Feature enhancements: Other feature enhancements are also included in this release.   

Want to learn more?

Discover all of NeoLoad 7.6’s enhancements on our What’s New page or download the latest version and start testing today.