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BOSTON, MA – April 29, 2016 Neotys, a leader in easy-to-use, load testing and performance monitoring tools for web and mobile applications, today announced NeoLoad 5.2, an enhanced version of its load and performance testing solution.

The 5.2 release, now available in beta is all about making NeoLoad users faster. Already the fastest solution for designing and executing performance tests,  NeoLoad now contains more automation features than ever before. NeoLoad 5.2 is also the first load testing solution to support HTTP/2 applications. An extensive list of other enhancements, including new integrations and technologies, support, make this release of NeoLoad particularly exciting for both new and existing users.

“Automated load and performance testing are here,” said Thibaud Bussière, Neotys’ President and Co-founder. “In the past, the term ‘automation’ has been mostly relegated to the world of functional testing.  But with NeoLoad 5.2, load and performance testers now truly can keep pace with development, no matter how fast it is.”

NeoLoad 5.2 Key Enhancements

User Path Update – Maintaining scripts as applications change is a major challenge for almost everyone. Saving testers massive amounts of time, NeoLoad 5.2 provides the ability to quickly update designed user paths (formerly called VU profiles) with a new recording while automatically keeping variable extractors, think times, SLAs, loops, javascript, validations and more from the original user path design.

“We used NeoLoad 5.2 on an Oracle Forms application, and the new user path update feature reduced our script refactoring time by 90% (from 60 hours down to 6 hours). NeoLoad was already faster than the other performance testing tools on the market, but this latest release makes our performance testers more efficient than we thought possible.”
– Vibhu Dureha, Software Dev Senior Engineer, Dell

Support for HTTP/2 Applications  – HTTP/2, the network protocol that is being called “the future of the internet,” is here, and NeoLoad 5.2 is the first load testing tool on the market to support it.

C# Client for Data Exchange API – NeoLoad already captures end-user experience metrics under load from Java-based functional testing tools. Now, NeoLoad 5.2 supports C# tools for gathering end-user experience metrics from browsers and devices. This enables integrations with tools like Selenium, Appium, Quamotion, Ranorex, Rapise or any tool with C# scripts.

And More!

For complete details of what else is new in NeoLoad 5.2 click here.


NeoLoad 5.2 Beta is available immediately with GA coming soon! Interested parties can download the Beta version now.

About Neotys:

Neotys is the leading innovator in Continuous Performance Validation for Web and Mobile applications. Neotys load testing (NeoLoad) enables teams to produce faster applications, deliver new features and enhancements in less time and simplify interactions across Dev, QA, Ops, and business stakeholders. Neotys has helped over 1600 customers test, monitor and improves performance at every stage of the application development lifecycle, from development to production, leveraging its automated and collaborative tooling. For more information about Neotys, NeoLoad visit: or contact

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