BOSTON, MA – September 6, 2018 – Neotys announced today a new release (6.6) for its NeoLoad performance testing platform. This release represents a new milestone in our objective to deliver a performance testing platform which supports the requirements of large, distributed enterprises during their Agile software delivery evolution.

Release Summary
NeoLoad 6.6 displays Neotys’ determination to offer the best self-service platform for Agile and DevOps teams and includes new features to enhance performance testing analysis, SAP GUI load testing efficiency and collaboration.

What’s New in this Release?

NeoLoad Web Runtime: Users can expect to rely upon the one-stop platform where distributed teams can access their test infrastructure, trigger and analyze their tests. The latest version also enables enterprises performance testing deployment for everyone from API tests done by Devs to substantial pre-production load test done by QA.

Establish a one-stop, self-service performance testing platform across your organization to enforce efficient and robust testing practices across distributed Agile teams.

NeoLoad Web API: Import third-party data into NeoLoad to enrich the performance testing analysis, or export NeoLoad test data into your toolchain. Also, NeoLoad Web Monitoring API: Correlate third-party monitoring data into NeoLoad web during a test for deeper insight.

Enforce a performance engineering approach where performance data is continuously monitored and correlated from the first component tests to production and from application server to end-user experience KPIs.

SAP GUI Load Testing Efficiency: NeoLoad 6.6 brings enhanced efficiency to your SAP performance testing practice through the provision of SAP GUI screenshots be it for the test scenario or error notification during runtime. Whether it’s fine-tuning or debugging your scenario, the update to NeoLoad’s SAP GUI Load Testing utility creates makes the job faster and easier to execute.

Load Runner Script Converter: Helps accelerate your shift to Agile load testing as it leverages the existing portfolio of tests designed using LoadRunner. The enhanced converter saves you time and energy as it automatically translates LoadRunner scripts. Start the migration when you want without worrying about having to run LoadRunner scripts on your application first.

AMQP/S Protocol Support: In addition to other messaging protocol support such as JMS and MQTT, NeoLoad 6.6 supports AMQP/S – giving users comprehensive coverage of IoT systems load testing.

XL Release from XebiaLabs: With the help of the NeoLoad XebiaLabs XL Release plugin, organizations can automate their test, detect regression with the simple review of trending dashboards and strike an appropriate results review focus balance.

Discover all of NeoLoad 6.6’s enhancements on our What’s New page.


About Neotys:
Neotys has nearly 15 years of development investment into NeoLoad – the performance testing platform designed to accelerate Agile and DevOps processes. It’s built by engineers who recognized that to achieve their Agile adoption objective; they needed to create a product that could facilitate superior load and performance testing continuously. The result – up to 10x faster test creation and maintenance with NeoLoad. For more information about Neotys or NeoLoad, visit: or contact