We’re happy to announce that NeoLoad 5.3 and NeoSense 2.1 are now available. The newest releases of our products showcase our dedication to delivering the fastest, most automated performance testing and monitoring tools for Agile and DevOps organizations.

What’s New in NeoLoad 5.3

Automated Script Maintenance with Selenium Scripts
NeoLoad 5.2 introduced automated user path updates; NeoLoad 5.3 builds on that feature by providing the ability to automatically update user paths and create new user paths using Selenium scripts through the NeoLoad Design API.
What does this mean? Teams that use Selenium for functional testing no longer have to manually update NeoLoad user paths! Agile teams, DevOps organizations, and others looking to automate their testing process can be more efficient than ever.

Enhanced API Testing
NeoLoad can now create REST API requests outside of pages. This provides better visibility of REST requests in the NeoLoad user path, which makes testing API and microservices with NeoLoad even easier.

IoT MQTT Protocol Support
Performance testing for Internet of Things is more popular than ever, and NeoLoad 5.3 now supports the MQTT protocol for IoT load tests. It is now easier than ever to performance test connected objects like cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.

And more!

Visit the NeoLoad 5.3 What’s New page to learn about all the newest NeoLoad functionalities.

What’s New in NeoSense 2.1

NeoSense 2.1 has received a new UI facelift, as well as a number of new functionalities and core improvements:

– SaaS Locations: Now you can execute synthetic transactions from cloud locations maintained by Neotys. so you can mix your own locations with any NeoSense SaaS locations to get a better view of performance for your user bases.
– Front-End Log Files: Retrieve log files from the front-end of your system to get better visibility into the monitoring infrastructure.
– New UI: The NeoSense 2.1 UI has been overhauled with a new color scheme and a more intuitive layout of menus and settings.

And more!

Visit the NeoSense 2.1 What’s New page to learn about all the updates in this release.

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