NeoSense Technical Features

Synthetic Monitoring

Broad Technology Support

NeoSense has dedicated support for the synthetic monitoring all the latest web and mobile technologies like HTML5, Push, WebSocket, AngularJS, Oracle Forms and many more. See the full list of supported technologies

Network Virtualization

Emulates bandwidth constraints, packet loss and latency so that you can now know how your live app is performing for users on 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and more.

Unlimited Locations

Monitor your applications with transactions executed from as many locations as you want – no additional costs

Pause Monitoring

NeoSense allows you to easily pause any monitoring profiles at any time which will suspend executions, alert triggers and notifications while clearly identifying these paused time periods in dashboards.

SaaS Locations

Monitor your applications with synthetic transactions executed from cloud locations maintained by Neotys. No need to maintain your own cloud server or install NeoSense location software, but you can mix your own locations with any NeoSense SaaS locations to get a better view of performance for distributed user bases.

Fast & Powerful Design of User Paths

NeoSense leverages the proven test scenario design capabilities of NeoLoad to quickly create realistic monitoring profiles. Wizards, checkers, and pickers make designing complex use cases simple.

Device/Browser Simulator

Simulate different browsers and mobile devices for accurate content delivery and parallel connections.

Unlimited Frequency

Have transactions executed and monitored as frequently as you want – no additional costs.

Flexible Transaction Execution

Choose how your critical transactions are executed by NeoSense: sequentially from all selected locations, concurrently from all selected locations or from a single location out of all selected locations on a round-robin schedule.

Maintenance Mode

Easily suspend all monitoring profiles of any application on-demand or scheduled ahead of time with these maintenance windows clearly identified in dashboards.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring Modules

NeoSense monitoring modules are completely agentless; IM profiles are managed by the same NeoSense locations that manage STM profiles. All monitoring modules come out-of-the-box with pre-defined counters and thresholds meaning you don’t need an operations expert for the setup. Infrastructure technologies that can be monitored include operating systems (Windows, Linux), web servers (IIS, Apache), application servers (.NET, JBoss), and databases (SQL Server, Oracle).

Turbo IM

When an STM alert is raised, turbo IM kicks in to collect infrastructure monitoring data more frequently in order to detect the root cause of the issue ASAP.

Alerts & Notifications


NeoSense will identify and flag a transaction for performance alerts, application alerts or technical alerts. Customizable alert rules, such as requiring X concurrent errors, reduce false positives.

Automatic and Custom Performance Thresholds

Warning and critical performance thresholds of a transaction can be customized based on your own SLAs or automatically configured by NeoSense.


Notification rules can be completely customized based on alert types, severity levels, channel (email, SMS or 3rd-party tools) or schedule.

Dashboards & Reports

Overview Dashboard

Provides a real-time, high-level view of your applications according to your configuration of alerts.

Analysis Dashboard

Provides an in-depth view of the health of your applications, including the performance, with a drill-down capability starting with a high-level view of information, including performance KPIs trended over time, and taking you down to the waterfall breakdown of a specific transaction.

Events Dashboard

Displays everything that occurred (health issues, alerts, notifications, paused/maintenance periods) on the monitoring profiles of your applications on different locations.

Workspace Filtering

Filter your dashboards so that you can focus on the applications that are currently most critical to you.

Alerts Dashboard

Provides real-time availability KPIs, including MTBF (mean time between failures) and MTTR (mean time to repair), and a calendar view of your applications according to your configuration of alerts.

Map View

See the complete cross-dimension drill-down tree of your Analysis dashboard in one single view and, in one click, select and have direct access to a specific dashboard node/leaf: gain both perspective and speed in your root cause analysis!

Detailed Transaction Waterfall

Transaction breakdown including hostname/port info for pages and requests, TTFB (time to first byte) and content downloads for requests, and request and response headers for binary content.

On-demand & Scheduled Reports

Create reports, on-demand or scheduled, that provide the analysis needed to support informed decision making by the various stakeholders in your organization.

Reports can be customized by format (pdf, rtf, html), time span, frequency and who should receive them in order to quickly and easily distribute insights that everyone can act upon.


User Types

These include Administrator, Operations and Business users. Each type indicates whether a user has full access, read only access or no access to user settings and admin settings.

Easy SMS Management

Check your SMS credit balance, check delivery status of your SMS-based notifications, choose how to handle messages with non-ASCII content, and secure your notifications with the “email + SMS” option.

Smart Upgrade for Locations

Upgrade the version of NeoSense Locations directly from the NeoSense GUI.

User Administration

NeoSense makes it easy to add new users, remove users and import users from an LDAP directory.

App-level Access Control

Administrators can easily grant certain users access to monitoring data at the application level. Users without permissions to see those apps won’t even know they are being monitored.


Application Performance Management Tools

While proactive monitoring applications with a synthetic tool like NeoSense, it can be useful to collect metrics on the application tier components and application servers to effectively pinpoint and understand the causes of performance problems. Combining information obtained from NeoSense with in-depth metrics from an application performance management tool can help accelerate the identification of root cause in highly complex applications.

NeoSense integrates with the following APM tools:

  • AppDynamics
  • CA APM
  • Dynatrace
  • Nudge APM

IT Search & 3rd-party Dashboards

NeoSense helps you build a consolidated view of the quality of your IT infrastructure, services and applications by sending notifications to 3rd-party tools (Nagios, IBM Tivoli, Splunk, and many more) when there is a problem with application performance or availability.

Enjoy choice and flexibility when tuning NeoSense to proactively notify centralized consoles, whether they are legacy, open-source or emerging tools, via REST or SNMP