What’s New in NeoLoad ?

More Performance Testing Automation.
More Integration With Your DevOps Toolchain

April 2017 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 5.5 ?


The TeamCity plugin provides out of the box integration with this leading CI server. The plugin enables NeoLoad users to:

• Launch automated performance tests with TeamCity
• Read NeoLoad reports within TeamCity
• Display JUnit details of every passed or failed test available
• Display performance trend charts build after build

The TeamCity plugin comes in addition to the existing Jenkins and Bamboo plugins. For more information on NeoLoad integration with other CI servers, click here.


Generate a switch statement with this new logical action available in NeoLoad. This feature provides better readability and makes it easier to maintain your User Profile.

NeoLoad provides various logical actions to let you design and maintain tests faster without coding. For more information on NeoLoad logical actions, click here

How to Update to NeoLoad 5.5

Provided you have a valid support package, here’s how to update your version of NeoLoad:

  1. Download NeoLoad 5.5
  2. Install NeoLoad in a new directory (do not install on top of the old version).
  3. You don’t need a new license key. You will just be asked to activate your current license key for version 5.5
  4. Make sure you back up your projects before using them with the new version.

Get more information about upgrading NeoLoad to version 5.5 or download the NeoLoad Free Edition!