What’s New in NeoLoad 5.3?

NeoLoad 5.3 builds on the Neotys’ dedication to deliver the fastest, most automated performance testing tool for Agile and DevOps organizations. In addition, NeoLoad 5.3 delivers support for IoT testing and expands technology support for advanced use cases.

New Technologies and Integrations

Automated Script Maintenance with Selenium Scripts

Building on the automated user path update introduced in NeoLoad 5.2, NeoLoad 5.3 provides the ability to automatically update user path and create new user paths using Selenium scripts through the NeoLoad Design API. This means that teams using Selenium for functional testing no longer have to manually update NeoLoad user paths. The user path update feature in NeoLoad 5.2 provided customers with a 75-90% reduction in script maintenance time; this capability will get that number much closer to 100%. Agile teams, DevOps organizations, and anyone looking to automate their testing process can be more efficient than ever.

Selenium Java is supported, C# support coming soon.

Read the documentation to get started.

Enhanced API Testing

NeoLoad can now create REST API requests outside of pages. This provides better visibility of REST requests in the NeoLoad user path which makes API and microservices testing with NeoLoad even easier.

IoT Protocol Support – MQTT

Internet of Things performance testing is on the rise, and NeoLoad now supports the MQTT protocol for IoT load tests. This NeoLoad advanced action makes it easier than ever to performance test connected cars, planes, air conditioners, refrigerators, and any other machines using the MQTT protocol.

New Cloud Provider & Locations

The Neotys Cloud Platform is now up to 7 cloud providers with the latest addition of Outscale as a provider with load generators available from their data center in New Jersey. Additionally, a new cloud zone from AWS is now available in Columbus, Ohio.

Improved Variable Extraction

The NeoLoad variable extractor has been improved with a custom decoder. The Framework Parameter definition doesn’t systematically set a default value when an extraction fails. This makes variable extraction much easier in advanced use cases.

Cross Version Compatibility

Starting the the NeoLoad 5.3 license, customers will be able to use the same license file for future versions of NeoLoad. Additionally, NeoLoad projects will be backwards compatible with older versions of NeoLoad so that users can collaborate on the same project file with different versions of NeoLoad.

Public Amazon Image for VUH Controller

The NeoLoad VUH controller is now available as an Amazon image directly from the console that starts the machine.

How to Update to NeoLoad 5.3

Provided you have a valid support package, here’s how to update your version of NeoLoad:

  1. Download NeoLoad 5.3
  2. Install NeoLoad in a new directory (do not install on top of the old version).
  3. You don’t need a new license key. You will just be asked to activate your current license key for version 5.3
  4. Make sure you back up your projects before using them with the new version.

Get more information about upgrading NeoLoad to version 5.3 or download the NeoLoad Free Edition!