What’s New in NeoLoad 5.0

NeoLoad 5.0 furthers Neotys’ commitment to make its customers the most efficient and productive load & performance testers in the world. NeoLoad 5.0 ships with new features, capabilities and integrations designed for teams looking to keep up with the pace of development, be more productive when analyzing test results and get more from their mobile testing. 5.0’s new features solidify NeoLoad’s position as the best-in-class solution for web and mobile application load & performance testing.

Complete Mobile End User Experience

Real Device Metrics Under Load

Neotys is proud to deliver to the market an out-of-the-box NeoLoad integration with Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud and customizable integrations with other tools through an API. These integrations provide business transaction timers and other real device metrics (CPU, memory, battery, etc.) correlated in real time with results from a full load of virtual users for measurement of the complete end user experience.

Now you can determine exactly what performance an end user is experiencing on the device side while your application is under load. You can also simultaneously monitor the performance of the back-end to pinpoint the root-cause of any performance issues.

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More Open

API and extensions for integration and customization

Data Exchange API

NeoLoad’s Data Exchange API allows external tools to send data that can be graphed, analyzed and correlated within NeoLoad. Used under the hood for integrating NeoLoad with functional test automation tools like Perfecto Mobile, this allows a wide range of usage like correlating browser rendering times with response times, viewing monitoring data live in NeoLoad, and much more.

Custom Actions Extensions

NeoLoad’s new Custom Actions Extensions allow users to create their own actions to customize the behavior of virtual users. Some extensions are bundled with NeoLoad: Command line and Perfecto Mobile (more to come). Additionally, you can create your own actions by developing an extension written in Java.

Faster & More Agile

Easier and more efficient maintenance of test scenarios

Recorded Content Updater

NeoLoad 5.0 enables testers to quickly check a virtual users profile against a new version of the application under test and identify any changes that may cause errors. By identifying all changes, the appropriate corrective action can be taken to fix the virtual user profile. The new feature allows you to update the recorded content so that the enhanced content comparison feature is always running on an up-to-date baseline. Now testers working in Agile teams where it is difficult to keep test scenarios maintained at the pace of application development can be as nimble as their developer counterparts.

“Record Here”

Need to add a new page or action to a recording? No problem. NeoLoad 5.0 has a “Record Here” capability that allows you to insert a partial recording into an existing virtual user profile. Just navigate through your application to the business transaction you want to add, start the recording, and the new transaction will be inserted.

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Enhanced Insight

New graphs and results features for more productive analysis

Graph Boards

With NeoLoad 5.0 you can now create graph boards that allow you to group graphs by theme or test result. These boards enable testers to quickly analyze numerous graphs in one location during runtime and analysis.

Faster Results Analysis

Runtime graphs can now be reused after the test for results analysis, and current charts can be updated with data from a new test with a single click.

Results by Population

NeoLoad 5.0 makes it easy to quickly view the statistics for specific populations of virtual users and see the differences between populations. You can compare a single population versus the average of all populations or you could look at differences between populations with different settings, for example bandwidth, latency, and packet loss.

Results by Cloud Zone

For those using the Neotys Cloud Platform for load generation, NeoLoad 5.0 provides a map that allows testers to view results geographically by Cloud zone. Much like the results by population, results by Cloud zone enables comparisons of Cloud zones to the average, to other Cloud zones or to results from local load generators for fast analysis of the performance impact from different locations.

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And many more exciting new features including

More Neotys Cloud Platform Regions

The Neotys Cloud Platform now covers 22 geographies around the globe from 6 different Cloud vendors to ensure you can test from where you want, when you want.

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Pause Recording

Now you can pause your NeoLoad recording and resume as needed.

dynaTrace Integration Module

The dynaTrace Integration Module has been updated to support the latest version of dynaTrace/Compuware APM. Additional updates include defining traffic as coming from NeoLoad, Cloud generator location, virtual user profile name and more.

How to Update to Version 5.0

Provided you have a valid support package, here’s how to update your version of NeoLoad:

  1. Download NeoLoad 5.0 *
  2. Install NeoLoad in a new directory (do not install on top of the old version).
  3. Download the v5.0 license key from the Customer Area.
  4. Make sure you back-up your projects before using them with the new version.

* Shared License for NeoLoad 5.0 requires Neotys Team Server 2.0.1
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Or download the new NeoLoad Free Edition!