What’s New in NeoLoad 4.2

With NeoLoad 4.2 Neotys demonstrates its unmatched agility in providing new innovations in the world of load & performance testing. NeoLoad 4.2 furthers Neotys’ commitment to support the latest web and mobile technologies. 4.2 also provides a broad array of new exciting features that solidify NeoLoad’s position as the best-in-class solution for web and mobile application performance testing.

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First & Only

WebSocket & Push Module

Neotys is proud to deliver to the market a plugin architecture enabling performance testers to handle any type of text or binary message stream transported by PUSH or WebSocket.

What’s more important than speed for live content and real-time applications like gaming or trading systems? NeoLoad now enables excellent load and performance testing for those business critical applications.

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Kaazing Monitoring Module

Committed to supporting industry standards and most innovative technologies, NeoLoad 4.2 features full monitoring module for Kaazing servers, the world’s leading WebSocket Gateway.

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NeoLoad Video Solution

Real-time entertainment (video/audio) accounts for 62% of total broadband traffic and performance testing is critical to ensure the smooth experience required by users. But popular protocols like HTTP adaptive streaming are extremely complex, making it difficult to simulate realistically. With NeoLoad you can:

  • Load test any streaming technology: progressive download, adaptive bitrate streaming (MPEG-DASH, Adobe Dynamic streaming for Flash, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming etc)
  • Randomly tap into the entire catalog of content to assess performance of a website
  • Simulate the impact of concurrent services during media streaming (chat or other actions users may launch while watching a video)

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More Flexible

Test virtually any custom data stream over HTTP

Extensions Handling Custom Data Format Plugin

Testing in extreme conditions, away from standards? With NeoLoad 4.2 you can now record, variabilize and replay any “non-standard” traffic for any custom data stream over HTTP.

New Collaboration Module

From individual productivity to team productivity: leverage performance testing best practices and assets at the team level and even build a performance testing CoE if you want to. Beyond design and results, all NeoLoad objects and concepts can now be shared among team members: scenarios, populations, load generators, and monitoring settings.

CI Jenkins Plugin (Open Source)

NeoLoad 4.2 enables testers to integrate with Jenkins, the award winning open-source Continuous Integration software (and Hudson).

NeoLoad can generate SLA-focused reports in the JUnit format for easy integration with any Continuous Integration Server.

NeoLoad Plugin for Jenkins also provides an access to detailed performance reports and provides trend charts on key statistics.

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APM Integration With AppDynamics

New integration module with AppDynamics, now added to the current integrations with CA APM and Compuware APM/DynaTrace.


And many more exciting new features including

That makes NeoLoad the most complete, automated and efficient load and performance testing solution for web and mobile applications.

Sanity Check

Project and Execution Sanity Checks provide NeoLoad users with a comprehensive list of context-sensitive warning and blocking alerts.

MongoDB Monitoring Module

Check settings and evaluate performance of Big Data systems using MongoDB via cutting-edge monitoring module of this leading NoSQL database server.

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Advanced Control on Cloud Sessions

The specified Cloud session duration now excludes the start-up time which allows perfect control on the test duration.

The Cloud session wizard now includes information on the provided Cloud zone to help choosing the Cloud zone that best matches your requirements: Cloud provider name and performance statistics like the average machine start-up time.

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How to Update to Version 4.2

Provided you have a valid support package, here’s how to update your version of NeoLoad:

  1. Download NeoLoad 4.2.
  2. Install NeoLoad in a new directory (do not install on top of the old version).
  3. Download the v4.2 license key from the Customer Area.
  4. Make sure you back-up your projects before using them with the new version.

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