April 2021 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 7.9?

Automatic License Leasing at Runtime

We have streamlined the runtime experience when using Neoload Web as your licence server.
With the auto-lease option activated, you won’t have to manually lease from your licence to run tests — Neoload will manage the lease/release process for you.

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If you have multiple licenses, you can easily toggle the option to lease from your license manually as you do today, to remain compatible with your current workflows.

Real-time Reporting Collaboration

Sharing a dashboard through a URL
In addition to the recent export-as-PDF feature, you can now share your dashboard with colleagues, stakeholders and clients through a URL to ensure that everyone always has the most up-to-date report.

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List of Dashboards
In addition to the update to our dashboard reporting, now you can now access, sort and filter your entire collection of dashboards from a single page.

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Dynatrace Integration Enhancements

The Dynatrace integration has been enhanced with numerous targeted updates for improved user experience of first time configurations and usage.

See improvements for the initial integration setup on the screenshot below, including:

  • Proxy management to access a specific Dynatrace instance
  • Token obfuscation and encrypted storage for enhanced security
  • Client side validation of API token rights/scope issue detection during connection test

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Tag coverage verification during configuration
The tag validator helps you verify that your tag combination matches the desired number of Dynatrace entities you want to monitor for your scenario, helping you avoid configuration issues.

Before verification

After verification

Python CLI Improvements

Now you can easily export test results data in structured format (.csv, JSON, simple HTML) directly from the Python CLI, allowing you to simplify interfacing with other systems or specific data processing in your pipelines.

Simple export of transaction related data into csv format in the CLI

See the dedicated section in the online documentation for more information.


Other Enhancements

Configuration-free controller to easily connect a controller to NeoLoad Web

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  • Enhancements to the Microsoft dynamic monitors:
    • You can now re-edit the regular expressions for your instances.
    • We added a specific icon for dynamic monitors using regular expressions to easily recognize them.
  • Percentiles are now updated at runtime on NeoLoad Web