December 2020 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 7.7?

Dashboards: Preconfigured Reports

Standard reports are now available from the NeoLoad dashboard. You can access the standard, or “canned”, reports directly from the test overview or from the dashboards section. Once generated, the standard report can be customized.

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Export Data Tables as CSV

Export a data table into a CSV formatted file.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

NeoLoad SaaS login is now configurable to use Single Sign-on (SAML).  The login is also SSO enabled to access Neotys portal (Neotys Academy, Neotys Labs, etc.). If you are on a SaaS Enterprise plan, contact support to get set up.


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Prometheus Monitor

Neoload can now natively connect to your Prometheus monitoring system and get all the relevant metrics you need for your performance analysis.

Create real time visibility into multiple Prometheus requests in the Neoload Prometheus Monitor.

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Structure the values of your metrics with labels and legends to customize how you analyze the application.

Redefine existing Prometheus monitors with as-code variables to achieve a high-degree of automation.

The promQL requests are resolved during the initialization phase of the run to define the counters list.

Manage Instances for Microsoft-family Monitors

To avoid reconfigurations between test runs, you can now specify instances with matching regular expressions instead of picking them in the instances list. This is particularly useful with instances that change names between runs and that answer to a naming pattern in dynamic environments (.e.g. Hyper-V Network Adapters, IIS process names etc.).

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The regular expressions are resolved during the initialization phase of the run to define the counters list.

Dynamic Infrastructure Improvements

Check Parameters

Test providers’ settings from the settings panel.

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Cluster Logs

Cluster events now appear in the logs.

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Customize labels for the orchestrator of your choice: this allows for integration with all your enterprise systems that use labels as criteria, such as self-service or billing systems.


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Python CLI: Bamboo CI integration examples

Find ready-to-use examples of Bamboo CI configurations amongst the growing library of pre-configured Neoload Python CLI examples (Azure DevOps, Gitlab, AWS CodePipeline…).

Use Bamboo as-code V1 and V2 scripts to connect to your Neoload platform, run your tests and automatically decide to pass/fail your CI pipeline according to your SLAs.

Have a look!

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Other Enhancements

  • [API]: SCIM-compatible Delete user endpoint: SaaS account admins and on-prem admins are now able to programmatically remove all roles or delete a user from their Neotys user base through an API endpoint. The endpoint is SCIM compatible, making it possible to integrate it into an Identity Management system if needed. Configurations using Neoload LDAP connector can not use this mechanism as the user provisioning is managed by the LDAP directory.
  • [Controller] Case insensitive flags – When designing a test, an option allows you to flag requests based on a case insensitive search.
  • [Controller] Automatic login to the Cloud Platform – As long as the Controller is configured to connect to NeoLoad Web SaaS then the authentication token will be used to connect to the Cloud Platform instead of requesting a login/password. Login and Password are still required when the Controller is connected to an on-premise NeoLoad Web.
  • Java 11 Support (preview) – A technical preview of the Controller and Load Generators are available if your Java code or libraries used by NeoLoad needs Java 11. Contact the support to request access to the preview. 
  • [API]: Get all workspaces: Admin now get a list of all workspaces, whether they are a member of it or not. 
  • SaaS Account Identifier – The SaaS Account Identifier is now displayed next to the account name in the user’s profile page.