October 2020 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 7.6?

Dashboard Improvements

New analysis capabilities

Dashboards now include tables and text-editable comment fields to organize analysis. These new analysis capabilities come in addition to previously released line graphs.


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Download graphs as PNG

When analysing your test results through dashboards you can share a specific graph by downloading it as a PNG file.

API Improvements

Export raw data

Extract raw data from Neoload Web through the Rest API.
See GetTestRawResult and GetTestRawResultElement.

Custom events

When synchronizing test scenarios with external processes (monitoring, chaos) you can declare external events that will appear in Neoload Web test results values.
See PostTestResultEvents.

CRUD-based Workspace management 

Programmatically manage (create, update, delete) your workspaces and their settings like quotas and members.
See Workspace Management API

JavaScript API to stop a test

Use the JavaScript API to stop a test in the event where a virtual user experiences an issue during a test. 
See RuntimeContext.stopTest()

As-Code Improvements


Use as-code based tests to validate server response to ensure that the test is running as expected.
See assert_content on a request.

Advanced setting for a scenario

Define advanced settings for an as-code scenario like monitoring options, rendezvous policies, excluded URLs, or APM configuration.

Custom Load Policy

You can define an as-code Custom Load Policy.

Search on Tests

Search test results by their test name in the advanced search window or in the test result picker on the Dashboard.

There’s also a shortcut to retrieve the test results related to a test.


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Other Enhancements

  • Support of client certificate for Websocket
  • [Dynatrace native integration] Several fixes for large scale use cases
  • [Silverlight] Ability to disable base64 encoding in case it contains clear text needed for correlation
  • [Citrix] TextGet action inserted by Citrix capture helper contains the recorded response
  • Compare response content with recorded content for custom actions in the Check Virtual User dialog.
  • Testers, not only Admins, can see the roles of members of the Workspace.