January 2020 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 7.2?

Citrix Support

NeoLoad now can record and replay Citrix deployed applications. The set of Citrix actions is compact and consistent for better readability and easier script maintenance. Design faster with NeoLoad’s live detection of texts and get a more reliable text recognition at runtime with modern and configurable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine (based on Neural Networks).

See the Citrix Testing Guide.

Changes since the beta version:

  • Windows Interactive Logon is now possible.
  • Various UI improvements and bug fixes.


License Key Management

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Split Licenses Between Several NeoLoad Web Accounts
An Enterprise License can now be split between several NeoLoad Web Accounts and/or instances (On-premise or SaaS) for a given duration and a given number of licensed VUs.

Learn more in the documentation.

Offline Lease with NeoLoad Web
In order to test from isolated environments, a NeoLoad Controller can already request a lease from an Enterprise License installed in Neotys Team Server with an offline process.

A NeoLoad Controller now can also request an offline lease from an Enterprise License installed in NeoLoad Web.

Learn more in the documentation.

Other Enhancements

  • Some default settings when creating an element can now be overridden and shared, for example the error handling policy for a VU Path or the stop policy of a Population at runtime. See the ‘Advanced’ section of the general settings.
  • The NeoLoad Web’ Tests page displays new columns: ‘‘updated by’, ‘last modified’, ‘last run’’
  • NeoLoad Web’s graph legend now includes the Test name.
  • New NeoLoad Web Resources API to access the list of Reservations and the list and the content of Zones. See the API Definition.
  • The bundled Controller Java VM is now an OpenJDK which has an impact on how to install NeoLoad in a headless Linux environment.
  • The default ‘Change Policy’ setting for new List, File and Sql variables has been changed from “For each Virtual User instance” to “Each Iteration”.
  • Browser Profiles picker has been updated with the latest browsers.
  • You now can sort test results returned by Neoload Web API. See the API Definition
  • Neoload Web now officially supports MongoDB 3.6.


Note About Installation

When installing NeoLoad with the command line in a headless environment, NeoLoad 7.2 has new requirements. See how to install NeoLoad in a headless Linux environment.

Bug Fixes

[QFT] Project settings/Runtime parameters problem

[NLW > UPLOAD PROJECT] Scenario summary are missing when user creates a new test

An offline lease can be installed as a License and so used while it has been released

Starting Test screen: space missing for ‘Number of Virtual Users’

[offline ]Another Admin user cannot use the generated rls file to release on the Master

NLG – Dashboard are created 2 times when opening a project saved using XML_MULTI format

[NLW] ${runID} should start at 1.

Force JS Variable initialisation to be evaluated to make sure no value stays in cache

SOAP parameter “no encode” value does not work as expected

[NLW Doc] – OnPremise – In SSL deployments, max file upload size documentation should also talk about nginx limitation.

The NeoLoad as code feature does not expect extension file in upper case but only in lower case