June 2021 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 7.10?

Tricentis qTest Native Integration

NeoLoad and qTest now have native integration which delivers customers the ability to manage their entire test suite from one view. Users can now view performance tests results and status within qTest Manager, allowing all stakeholders using qTest to manage performance tests and release KPIs side-by-side with functional test management. 

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Performance test results, SLAs statuses, and reports of automated performance regression tests from a CI pipeline or from manual large end-to-end release integration tests will appear in qTest projects alongside functional test suites. 

You’ll now be able to navigate between qTest and NeoLoad Test Results easily for analysis where your management statistics will now encompass performance tests. 



Dashboard Notifications

When users are modifying the same dashboard concurrently, NeoLoad sends a notification to those users that an update is necessary. Also, the Dashboards view now shows the user name and time stamp of who last edited it and when. 

CSV Export  

You can export the content of the table displayed in the values tab to a CSV file. 


Tosca Integration Update 

NeoLoad’s Tosca integration is now compatible with Tosca version 14.2. When reusing SAP GUI functional tests from Tosca as performance tests in NeoLoad, the integration can now automatically create a NeoLoad transaction for each Tosca test case, making both design and analysis easier in NeoLoad.  


New Citrix Licensing 

Citrix licensing in NeoLoad has changed. Now licenses to test Citrix are included in the web VU licenses and Citrix specific licenses are no longer required and will not work for Citrix-virtualized application testing. NeoLoad 7.10 requires the installation of a new license key to test Citrix, one has been generated in your customer area. Simply use Web VUs to test Citrix with this new key.  



Personal Access Token for Git authentication
GitHub is modifying its security policies and will disallow the use of “password” for authenticating with its API. NeoLoad Web now supports Personal Access Token. 

Encoding for Framework Parameters
Variables Extractors could already handle the extraction of values which are HTML, URL or custom encoded. Now Framework Parameters can also handle this encoding setting. 

Java 11
NeoLoad is now based on Java 11. It means that your custom Advanced Actions or Java libraries now may rely on Java 11 features. 

Hidden Access Tokens 
Access tokens are now hidden by default in the profile section of NeoLoad Web and in the preferences panel of NeoLoad. This improves confidentiality during screensharing sessions. 

Easily retrieve user’s workspaces
User settings now allow admin to easily view the workspace list a user belongs to. 

View reservation author
The reservation tooltip in NeoLoad Web now displays the user name who created the reservation.