March 2019 Release

What’s New in NeoLoad 6.9?

Performance Test APIs to Full Applications

The Neotys team continues working hard to release in our agile framework to provide new functionality often. The 6.9 release marks improvements in our test as code feature set, giving Enterprises a path for building performance testing into CI environments. New Worksoft Certify Integration allows testers to reuse functional test assets as performance tests from the most widely used SAP functional testing tool on the market. The highly demanded resource reservation feature offers individuals and teams the ability to reserve testing infrastructure and licenses for application testing.

Resource Reservation – Preview

NeoLoad introduces the ability to reserve load testing infrastructure (controllers and load generators) and virtual users by date and duration to guarantee resources are dedicated for application performance testing. Share and reserve resources as a team or an individual – any member of the team can cancel, modify, and use the reservation. Optimize test infrastructure usage and improve team collaboration and productivity with resource reservation.

This feature is available as a fully functional, feature complete preview for a limited time. Pricing and packaging are to be announced.

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Worksoft Integration

Certify by Worksoft is the most widely used functional testing tool for SAP applications. NeoLoad is the only performance testing platform on the market that has built-in integration with Worksoft Certify to make functional test asset reuse a cinch. The animated GIF below shows how functional test assets from Certify are converted into performance tests in NeoLoad. And, as code changes demand updated functional tests, NeoLoad’s user path update automatically updates the performance tests with the new changes.

Accelerate SAP GUI and web performance test design and test maintenance with the NeoLoad Certify integration.

Available on GitHub: Click here

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Test as Code: Define and Use SLAs

Building on NeoLoad’s capabilities to design and execute performance tests as code, NeoLoad now offers the ability to define and use SLAs from code. Below’s image illustrates SLA definition and usage within a YAML file, for example. SLAs as code is in addition to our current support for SLA definition natively within the NeoLoad GUI if that’s your jam. Performance test APIs one at a time or automate performance testing within CI pipelines with NeoLoad’s test as code feature set.

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Feature Enhancement: Load Generator Availability Status

NeoLoad now provides status information regarding load generator availability. Select load generators with the knowledge of which are available and which are not during the process of setting up a test. Teams can share load testing resources across different applications more seamlessly.